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User Testimonials

Great Tool. Thanks it helped me solve a problem in one afternoon of using it. I will be sure to look at your products if I have a need since this one worked so well.

Thanks again.

Brian Leach

I downloaded your software here at work at Airbus to see about an RS485 to RS232 interface I'm troubleshooting. Looks very good so far with useful windows. Looking into connections still though.

Thank you.

Vaughan Hill

I've used lots of serial analyzers, network analyzers, and so on, and the Free Serial Port Monitor is one of the best of this kind of product. I solved a problem with a serial interface in a few hours that I can't imagine how I would've ever solved without it.

If you're doing work with serial interfaces on Windows, you have to have this!

I have been using sofwtare for more than a year and I have enjoy using it. It is very easy and friendly to set up the sessions. I have got most of my co-workers using this serial monitor and they all have enjoy it. You have done an excellent job.


I just downloaded your free RS232 monitor and had my clients problem solved within an hour. Brilliant! Thank you.

Jack Russell

Thank you for your prompt reply. Your product and service is excellent! The free serial port monitor is very useful for my embedded development projects and I will consider using your other products in the future.

Matthew Trigg

It is not normal to have such a good support in a free product -sometimes, not even in a purchased one-.

Jaume Clarens

Looks sharp and does what it says and more. It's not confusing like other appications of this type. Nice work! Keep it up!

Matt Watts
Systems Integrator, Consultant


Thank you. Your program is a LIFESAVER, Excellent job! It's been running beautifully and really helps in the debug of two multithreaded programs communicating over RS232.

Dale O'Harra

Of all the software we have investigated, yours has risen to the top of our preferred list of development tools.

Victor Wong

Excellent software, Up to speed and operating quickly, Choice of displays and outputs.

Bill Spurgeon

I use your Serial Monitor all the time. I find it one of the only programs that you simply load and !Bam! it runs - all the time - every time. - Good Work --!

Bill Rankin

I must say you serial port software is really cool.


Thanks for the prompt reply and the great software. You guys really made a useful product.

Michael Peoples

It is the best serial analyzer tool I have seen so far today (third tool I have tried).

Bob Lewis
Software engineer

Thank you. Your tools are really awesome too I recomend them to every company I go to or do work for. Keep up the good work!!

Mike Pulice

The Serial Monitor is a great tool.

Noel Ingle

Thanks for the quick response, I do not get help that quickly from other software companies. The upgrade went smoothly and seems to have solved my problem.

Cheers, Paul Sweezie

Simply, it's the best serial port monitor programme available.

Quentin Liedtke
Software Designer

Nice product, it is about time someone came up with something like this.

Lawrence MacNeil
Industrial Control & SCADA Software Engineering

It's the best Tool for RS232 ... Is very Fast. Is logic to handle. The very - super Support of the Autor of this Prg. SUPER Product Gratulation!

Leo Imhof
IT Support of Hospitals and Bank's

Thank you very much that worked well. Thanks for looking into this on a Sunday. BTW the new software looks great.


As I mentioned before, we tried your product for a while and liked it very much. Thanks again for all the help. I hope it isn't too late where ever you are in the world!

Chuck Johnsen

Thanks for all your help, you have a great product AND excellent service.

Jef Housein

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