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Free Serial Port Monitor - Home
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Free Serial Port Monitor - Product Details



Monitor Both USB and Serial Devices With Ease!

Moscow, Russia (March, 2004). HHD Software announces the release of USB Monitor, a program for the Windows operating system that monitors Universal Serial Bus (USB) device activity. The company also released Serial Monitor, which can monitor all of your serial devices.

This program seems to be an incredibly powerful tool that could help developers, or anyone else who might be interested in changing the default behavior of their serial ports.

The author has created an impressive, intelligent program. Bravo!


Monitoring serial communications made easy...

I've used it with the Philips' Digital Congress Network system (as described in the article "Advanced .NET Reflection") where Serial Monitor allowed me to decipher the structure of several undocumented data packets traveling between the DCN Central Control Unit and the DCN control PC.

Great software!

Better VIEW

Intercept and analyze data read and written to serial or USB ports. Monitor and verify the serial port functionality of third-party software, or use it to reverse-engineer undocumented or problematic serial protocols.


Powerful software makes monitoring, testing and analyzing serial ports a breeze.

HHD Software has announced the latest release of powerful serial port monitoring utility, Serial Monitor 3.30. The new version of Serial Monitor 3.30 now has greater compatibility and new features which make it easier to use and provide even more useful data when monitoring serial ports.

Windows & .NET

Monitor Serial Device Activity. Serial Monitor attaches to the serial port driver to monitor all software serial port activity. You can configure Serial Monitor to log data for future analysis.


Debugging programs that include serial communication is usually a nightmare. Your life becomes much easier if you install a tool called a "serial monitor". The one I like is called HHD Serial Monitor and it saved my life once.

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